Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Name Debate...

SO... we have a little boy expected to make his debut in early May. We both decided on the name Noah. It goes well with Eli and we think its a "noble" sounding name. The problem lies in the middle name debate. I like Noah Riley Hudson... Eric likes Noah Russel Hudson.
I like Riley because the entire time I was pregnant I was CERTAIN it was a girl... (lol BOY was I wrong), so i spent the early part of my pregnancy calling "her" Riley. When we found out it was a boy I was a little disapointed at first. I quickly got over that but I still feel like I should have that Riley in there somewhere.
Eric thinks that Riley isnt "manly" enough, and that even though he hates his middle name, he wants the baby to have it. lol. So he likes Noah Russel.
What do you think?

Thursday, March 5, 2009

. halucinating toddler .

{picture has nothing to do with story... just cute to look at}

We have been having extraordinary fun in our house the past couple of days... When your kids are sick do they mope and sleep and watch movies on the couch? Mine doesn't. He goes absolutely APE!
Hes had a "cold" for a couple days now. Yesterday he woke up from his nap and was acting REALLY weird... He walked into the room and stood in the middle of the floor just staring at me like I was a monster or something. So I asked him what was wrong.
He says "Mommy you have too many eyes." HUH?
Then he proceeds to tell me he was going to ride his truck on the ceiling , his fingers were pickles, and that the carpet was too fuzzy for his feets... yeaaaa...
That was when I decided to take his temperature... 103.4!!!!!!!!
My poor child was having fever induced hallucinations!
So I called his doctor panicking and told them my son was hallucinating.
They asked if he had gotten into any drugs... I don't even give my child cough medicine lady! AND HES TWO!!
So come to find out he has a respiratory infection and an ear infection and the hallucinations WERE caused by his high fever.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

. make up your mind .

Our weather has just been very indecisive lately.
One day its like this...

bright... sunny... happy...

to this...
yup. hes licking the raindrops off the window.

from the wrong side. lol