Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Work, Tears, Monkeys and Rides

Wow! i have been so busy latley that i have totally neglected my poor little blog... so to update, I finally went back to work last monday after taking a year and a half off to be a mom. I waited this long because i work at a Daycare/Gymanstics Acadamy and Eli had to be 18 months before he could attend. So Eli is in his own little class with other 18-30 month old toddlers. At first he hated it, well hated might be an understatement... he screamed at the door for an entire hour and a half until my boss decided that she didnt want to traumatize him and so she asked if i could teach his class for his first day... and so the week went on with me teaching my 3 year olds class and eli screaming in his. Today however i recived a progress report from his teacher saying that eli was OUTSTANDING!! he only cried for 5 minutes and then decided to play the rest of the 4 hours!!!! he even ate all of his luch without help!!!! I could have cried i was so happy. so sorry if this was a long blog but i had alot to say. Here are a few pictures of our trip to the Silver Dollar Fair.

Eli on the Pony Ride!

He was too cute saying "Yeeeeee Haw!"

Turning around to make sure daddy is still behind him...

Smile! Creepy monkey from the monkey show....

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Time Out

oh how this little boy cracks me up. this is elijah enduring the dreaded, horrible "time-out". he is really really good at staying n his little chair in the corner and waiting his two minutes until he can come and tell me what he did wrong and say hes sorry. its probebly the cutest thing in the world, because he says "Sowwy mama" and gives me a huge hug. i know hes in trouble but