Thursday, March 27, 2008

Happy Birthday Olive!!

So today was Olive Hunters birthday! If you you dont know who this little angel is she is the the daughter of our friends Kaylee & Zach... and also she is Eli's future prom date. We decided this when we were pregnant so they will just have to live with it... but hey shes gonna be a looker so i dont think Eli will have too much to worry about. lol... HAPPY BIRTHDAY PRINCESS!!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

New Swing and Uncles Hat

So Elijah loves his new swing so much hes decided to take his naps there, have his snacks there and well... do pretty much everything there. HE gets so sad when we tell him its time to get out. He hold onto the ropes and cries, "No Mama! Wing Wing!!" Its really sad and a little bit funny, well a lota bit funny.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

"Gamma's" Boy

Eli really loves his grandma, and i love that he is so close to her and gets to have that special bond. When I was grwing up my favorite relitive was always my grandma. We have a really stong bond and im glad that my son gets that with all of his grandparents as well.

Happy Easter!!!

Im going to just say that we had a GREAT Easter. My family came and Eric's family were there, we had a really nice dinner and Eli of corse was so cute and he had SOooo much fun, he was such a champ at finding the easter eggs and he even found the ones that Uncle Joey hid "extra hard". I really love it when we can all get together and have such fun...

Friday, March 14, 2008

Lions & Tigers & Bears Oh My!!

So we recently took the family down to the Sacramento Zoo. My parent used to take me there when i was a little girl and i was always amazed by all the animals. Eli must have inherited my love of fluffy furry cute things because, pun intended, he went totally ape!!! lol So all in all we had a great time, Eli thought all the animals were cats and he should try to pet them all, he was disapointed when he wasnt allowed to do so, but he still had fun. :)By the way, the last picture is a statue. Not a real monkey.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Daddies Buddy

It makes me so happy to see my boys together, they just love eachother so much. Eric is such a great daddy. i know alot of dads that are just really passive and blah towards their kids, not Eric. Eli is so funny with him, if Eric is doing something eli has to copy it. If Eric makes a funny noise, Eli has to copy it to the best of his ability. :) they make me happy.

Toddler Tub Time

Eli love his bathtime. Its funny I always thought toddlers hated the bath, something about getting water in places that they dont want water.... well Eli absolutley LOVES tub time. In fact he screams like a banshee when i tell him its time to get out. Hes so strong willed, hmm I geuss thats what i will call it... lol

A Blast From the Past

So these are some old pictures of Elijah. I feel really sad that hes not little like this anymore, but man hes so much more fun now. Its funny how you look back and miss that so much but you wouldnt go back for anything because everyday is a new adventure and a new learning experiance. I LOVE IT!!!