Friday, January 30, 2009

.how could i not.

{ baby aviator sunglasses }
7.50$ @
{ rockin toddler t-shirt }
6.00$ @

hmmm... i know tomarrow is MY birthday but I want to get these for Eli...
{esp. the GLASSES!!}

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

.from the mouth of babes.

I honestly cant believe the sorts of things coming out of my toddler mouth these days. It is "pee your pants" hilarious to find this awesome little sense of humor he is developing. I'm glad that hes going to be a funny guy... that always one of my favorite traits in a man. So here's some of the things Ive been hearing lately.

* Eli blesses our dinner every night and we cant help but watch because its so cute. So the other night he looks up at us and says in a shocked voice, "Mommy! Close your eyes, Daddy! You too!.... Gosh."

*The other night he was have trouble going to bed and was coming up with all these ridiculous things "I need socks on... teddy bear bit me... theres monsters in here." So I asked if he was telling the truth and he says, "No I just don't wanna go to bed now"

*We have an ant problem and the other day Eli comes running into my room saying there was ants, I was busy at the moment so I said "well go watch them" When I go back into his room he is sitting on a stool looking at the ants saying "Hello ants, I'm Elijah, I'm going for a walk, Do you wanna go? Hello? Hello?" turns around "Mommy the ants don't talk to me!"

*Eric recently went back to work after taking some time off for school. This has been hard on Eli. When Eric got home from work Eli walks over with his hands on his hips and says "Finally Daddy! I just missed you SOO much"

* He got a Buzz Lightyear for Christmas this year and he has a laser. So when "Buzz" was shooting me in the foot I said to Eli "That hurts mommy, are we supposed to hurt?" He says "Oh man Buzz, you have to go to time out now" Then puts his doll in the time out chair.

{I just think this is cute. Olive and Eli were eating snacks and had the SAME amount. Only Eli inhaled his and Olive delicately savored hers. He was mad because he thought she had more that he did. Goof Ball}

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Buggin Out!!!!

As a little girl I spent my sunny days looking under rocks for bugs and lizards and all sorts of creepy fun things. I assumed I would past this love of adventure to my son. He is after all a BOY! OOOh No.... he is utterly HORRIFIED of anything considered "cweepy".

{Here he is with his daddy showing him a worm. Notice the look of disgust...}

{Mommy saying "Look it dosent bite!" Look of horror still lingering}
{Of corse the worm wriggled and Eli ran SCREAMING into his fort}

{Later in the day I found him finally being brave and "looking" at ants}

Janurary Spring Cleaning??

I think its the weather {75 degrees in January} and probably a little bit of pregnancy hormones, but I have gone into all out EXHAUSTING cleaning. I don't "deep clean" as often as I know I should, but when I do I can get a little maniacal about it.

Eric calls it my cleaning craze. If he happens to walk around a corner and sees me scrubbing under the sink or washing floorboards, the poor man practically runs from me. He knows I will give him something absolutely crazy to do {scrub the bricks in the fireplace, move the washing machine and dryer so I can clean behind it} and hes usually right. I have so much fun and I get SOO into it that when I finally sit down I realize how much I KILLED MYSELF. I just cant help it, but it does make me realize that I am pregnant and should chill out a little. LOL

Thursday, January 15, 2009

I wanna go!

Jealousy stinks... lol

Laura gets to go on a cruise to the BAHAMAS in a couple of weeks! Awww I wanna go lay in the sun somewhere, go snorkleing, sip from drinks that have little umbrellas, and ESCAPE FROM MOMMYHOOD for a couple of days! lol j/k about the last part.

But dosent it just sound nice? I need a vacay.... hmmmm my birthday is only 16 days away....


Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Eli & Olly

Today Eli and I had the pleasure of sharing an afternoon with our pal Olive. Whenever we spend time with Olive I cant help but see the huge differences in the two. Eli runs around like a tornado and just yells and screams all day. Olive is a quiet, mellow and sweet little girl. Its funny because Olive spent most of the afternoon looking at Eli like he was crazy. Lol. I do that too sometimes. All in all it was very fun to have our friend hang out with us for a while.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Goober Boys.