Sunday, February 24, 2008

the other pic was messed up

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Night Terrors


So until recently i have never had probelms with Elijah's sleeping habits. He gets ready for bed we put him in the crib and he puts himself to sleep without another sound. We have been pretty lucky. But the past week and a half i have been woken up almost every night with a blood curdleing scream from my toddler's room. He sits straight up and gets all sweaty and bug eyed and when i try to pick him up he acts like he dosnt know me and freaks out even more. Its so scary and sad to watch him. I know hes so frightened and I cant do anything. I have had experiance with "Night Terrors" before because my little brother had them almost every night for years. So maybe their hereditary. I guess I will find out because im making an appointment to see the pediatrician on monday. Wish me luck...

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

My Music Minded Man

He stole Uncle Joey's headphones, they wernt plugged into anything but he thought they were really cool anyways.

Good Weather

So we are getting some really great weather lately. We live across the street from an elementry school so we took Elijah over to the playground and the track feild. I must say my little boy loves the outdoors. He spent almost 30 mintues running and pointing at the sky. He cracks us up.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Sucky Valentines Day...

Okay so it wasnt a very fun valentines day this year. Both Eric & I had food poisoning from the wonderful dinner Eric made the night before. It wasnt a bad dinner in that it tasted very good, BBQ steak with papaya marinade, grilled mushrooms and some redskinned mash potaoes. Eric decided that it was so nice outside that we should BBQ and enjoy a little family dinner outside on the patio. All i have to say is THANK GOD we didnt give any of our "delishious" meal to Eli. I woke up around 2 am and proceeded to be sick every 10 minutes of the night and ended up sleeping on the bathroom floor for most of the night. (thankfully i like to keep my bathroom VERY clean) So then Eli wakes up and Eric sees that im sick and goes to take care of the lil booger so i dont have to move. well he didnt get far... lol. We ended up calling my mother to come and have a "Grandma Day" with Eli because we felt so bad that Eli was bored out of his mind with us just laying on the couch and not playing. Lol.. we decided to celebrate our love later... because neither one of us wanted to even sit next to the other. Maybe next year will be more romantic. :)

Monday, February 11, 2008

Caper Acres Rocks!

So the other day Eric and I were trying to think of something fun we could do as a family since it was one of Eric's rare days off. So he says "Oh why dont we go play at Caper Acres. My mom used to take me and my brothers there to play with the Hancock kids. That was my favorite place growing up." I had never even heard of it, so we decided to try it. OH MY GOSH its so fun! The park was made specifically for young kids, so everything is down low there arnt any big kids running around to hurt our little ones. Elijah had so much fun he threw the biggest tantrum when we told him it was time to go. I think he wanted to live there.... who wouldnt??

"The Pirate Ship" This had a really cool hammock it the cabin and a birds nest look-out.

You know how usually you go to a park and you have to wait half an hour just to use the toddler swings? Not here! they had a whole row just for the little guys :)

This was Eli being the castle gaurd. He loved being up above everything and watching all the other kids play. Hes very much the observer.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Cool Cat

As I was grocerey shopping yesterday Eli found a pair of sunglasses that actually fit him. He looked so cute i just had to buy them. Its funny to watch him because he will look though the glasses and then pull them down and peek over the top of them. He thinks this is pretty funny.

This was the way he put the glasses back on after he took them off. well he almost had it huh?

Saturday, February 9, 2008

My Sick Boy

So my little Elijah was sick when we arrived home from our trip. I felt sooo bad! I told Eric " Im never going on another trip again." LoL. He just had a cold but still... I felt bad that i wasnt there for my little goober. So for some reason this kid LOVES stickers. I usually use them when i change his diapers ( so he sits still) but today i just took a ton of them and stuck them EVERYHERE. He had so much fun and forgot about being sick for a little while. :)

My 22nd Birthday

This year for my birthday Eric took me on an awesome trip down to Monterey and Santa Cruz. We got to stay a night with my crazy silly family. We just love them because no matter who you are or what time it is you are always welcome to a geust room. Ive always told my aunt Earlene that she should open a B&B. Shes so sweet to us. While we were there we ate awesome food and saw dome pretty cool things.

<<<<<< Eric enjoying a clam chowder in a bread bowl. Those things are sooooo yummy

<<< Here is a starfish from the Monterey Bay Aquarium.
I love the ocean and sea animals so the aquarium was right up my alley



So all in all we had a wonderful time and I had a very happy birthday. Even though I missed Eli alot, I still had fun with my husband.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Random Pictures

Heres a very messy Eli. This was after a lunch of raviolis. He looks so thoughtful, and so messy!
For some reason he thinks that brushing Eric's hair is just the most hilarious thing ever.
This one is my favorite picture ever of my little goober. We took him to the snow for the first time and at first he just kinda laughed and watched us walk around in the crunchy snow. Then he found out that he could eat the snow, well from then on we could put him down because all he would do was stick his face in it and try to eat it. It was pretty funny.
My little blanky boy. I swear he like the little kid from "Charlie Brown" If I let him he would drag it around all day.

My Nature Boy

I love living in an area where I can drive a short distance and still have Eli experiance new things. Today we took a drive to the Feather River Nature Center. Eli loved looking at the rocks and playing with the moss. He was so captivated by the leaves and the river.