Saturday, April 24, 2010

Boys will be Boys

Wow. I realized as of late, I have SUCKED at blogging. Its not that I'm terribly busy, besides having two rambunctious boys. Its just that I haven't really been wanting to blog. : )
So here's an update on the comings and goings of the Hudson House.
Noah is turning a year old!
Really? It amazing. I know every parent says this and probably people who don't have kids think that its just something that moms say...
But they really do just grow up too fast. It makes me sad.
Noah is walking, climbing, terrorizing.
He says Ma Ma, Da Da, Ba Ba, you know those one syllable words that come with being a toddler.
He points and answers questions with a nod or a shake. Its actually pretty cute.

Eli is growing like a weed.
I think he just grows inches while he sleeps. 97th percent for height. And a whopping 45th for weight. My little bean stalk.
He is starting Pre-school in August!
I know alot of moms are sad when their kids but does it make me so bad that
I am really excited for this?
He needs it. He really needs the extra time around other kids and the extra enrichment that comes with the learning and playing. And I will be able to give Noah and soon to be Avery the attention at home while Eli is at school for a couple of hours a day.

We also moved the boys into the "Big Room"
The coverted garage is really great for them. Im still working on it, I have a lot of fun plans for this space. But we went to Ikea and got a bunch of fun things.
{BTW I am in LOVE with Ikea!}