Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Avie Doo

Annnd..... shes done. lol
She only tolerates picture taking for so long.
Dosent she look like a little bunny in the top picture?


Sweet guy.
Dont you love how long his eyelashes are in the profile picture?


It wasnt really that cold, just windy. Hence the hat. : )
And I just really love that hat.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

My Best Pal Maxy

Wow... I really stink at blogging lately. Its not so much that I dont have a ton of pictures to post or things to share with you all... its just, well my brain is such a jumbled mess that I cant formulate coherent enough words to form a decent blog post. Hahaha...
Any Hooo... back to today's post. My little Eli has started school. Well preschool, but he rides the bus and everything so its a big deal around here.
He is SO excited to get to school everyday and he loves to come home and tell me all about his friends {which are all girls oddly enough} and what they had for lunch and how he was happy that no one threw a rock at his head {???}.
We are fourtunate enough that he knows his teacher very well because she is a member of the church. The only problem is that he is used to calling her Sister Jagoda, instead of Mrs. Jagoda, so naturally this carried over to school. The other kids kept asking if she was his sister and he would just look at them like "Uh no... why in the heck would you think that?" We'll work on that one.

The other super cool thing is riding the bus like a big kid. It drops him off right across the street so its SOOOO much easier for me to go pick him up.

Today was perhaps the cutest thing I have ever witnessed at a bus stop. As Noah, Avery & I walked over to wait patiently for big brother to come home we hear a familiar "Meow" Eli's cat Max had followed us over to wait for his pal too. We sat and called, and the other parents sat and called but he just sat off to the side and ignored us all.

When Eli stepped off the bus he bounded over to him meowing like he hadnt seen him in years. Eli just bends over and scoops him up, which is no easy task when your cat is a Maine Coon who is about as big as you are. He was so happy that his kitty came to pick him up from the bus.

Isnt he purty?

and patient?
When you live in a house with little boys I guess you have to be.
We do love our Maxy Cat.

ps.... Posting pictures of Ave next : )

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Hiccups & Pretty Dresses

Avery @ 1 month

She does not enjoy hiccups

Squeeky Shoes & Fake Sneezes

Noah @ 15 months old.

Gramma got him these ridiculously cute shoes while in Fort Bragg.