Monday, May 17, 2010

Happy Birthday Noodle

Oh is it THAT time ALREADY?
Noah turned a year old on Thursday and we had an awesome little party in the park on Saturday. I think its harder to accept with your second child that they are growing up. With the first child you are always waiting on baited breath for that next adorable milestone and anticipating what comes next. With your second child you realise just how fast that time really goes and sometimes you just wish for a magical remote control so you could pause time and keep your babies as babies.
{if only for a while longer}
Noah's Loves:
Elmo! Papa & Mimi got him an Original Tickle Me Elmo for his b-day
Bubbles in all form
Racing his silly crazy big brother
Cream of wheat, he would eat it for every meal if I let him
Snuggling with his "Spot Puppy"
Playing peek-a-boo
Dancing around to any music, as long as its loud
Eating, he will eat anything you put in front of him
Being outside! My little nature boy...
Gives the best all out, arms around your neck, face in your cheek, bear hugs
Any sort of musical instument, just like Daddy.
Noah's Dislikes,
Sleeping, hes a very LIGHT sleeper and big brother snores like Dad.
Big brother's inability to share
Carseats... need I say more?
Actually not much else, we are proud to say Noah is VERY low maintanence
Good friends enjoying good cupcakes.

Cousins enjoying the Bubble Pool.

Happy Birthday Sweet Boy!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Sooo... about 2 weeks ago I let Eli ride in the bottom of the shopping cart {I know, I know horrible parent} So I told him to keep his hands in his lap. 5 minutes later what does he do? Sticks his thumb right into the shopping cart wheel. He listens well doesn't he?
So It was bruised and swollen and we went home and iced and such.
Now... today he comes up to me and says
" Mommy! My thumb can talk now" As he lifts the side of his thumb nail off!!!
Im sorry but that just gives me the Heebie Geebies big time!
What should I do with it? Cut it off? Leave it alone?
Run aways screaming like the little girl I am?????