Saturday, July 26, 2008

Big Boy Bed

So we have decided its time that our toddler has a big boy bed.... hes been sleeping without the front rail on his crib for the past couple of nights, but the crib itself dosent seem very stable and is a little higher off the ground than i prefer {falling off the bed is not a fun thing to wake to.} so Eli's room is decorated in a "Vintage Firetruck" theme and i thought it would be fun to get a bed that was also a fire truck! i searched and searched and all i could find were theae chead looking plastic molded goofy cartoon trucks.... until i stumbled upon this!

Isnt it so cool? Its made of WOOD, handpainted details and it has a toybox in the front area. I LOVE IT! and its cheaper by 50 bucks than the other ugly bed! So tell me what you think!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Fort Bragg Fun!

So we decided to escape the smoke last weekend and run up to Fort Bragg. Eli has been there before but he was only a baby and therefore makes this time a whole new
We thought, "okay we will let him work his way up to the water and check it out by himself" thinking that he might be scared of it. Nope.... Eli ran down the whole beach and just jumped right in! My little fish boy. So our weekend was really nice, i love spending time like that with my little family.

{Some teenagers invited Eli to come play in the Tee-Pee they made}

{Running into the surf}

{Daddy saving him from the surf}