Thursday, May 28, 2009


So... I guess Eli is adjusting well to having a little brother. He tries to "help" when the baby cries and he is OBSESSED with "his little feets"
The only problem we have is he is a complete brat when it comes to anything else. When they say terrible twos, they mean Eli. :) You say not to do something, he looks at you with a smirk and turns around and does it anyways. You ask him if he knows that was wrong and he says "uh yes" like "duh thats why I did it." I dunno he is cute but MAN... he can be such a pain.

{ hmmmm }

{ i dont know about those guys }

{ the boys club }

{ sleeping beauty }

{ snoozer }

2 weeks

Noah had his two week check up yesterday and hes a little Linebacker! lol.

He has gained 16.5 oz in ONE WEEK!

He weighs {9 pounds 3 oz} 90% percentile
He is {21.5 inches tall} 75% percentile
And the Doc says he is "unusually alert"

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

He SAT with him!

This morning Noah was fussing and Eli looked up at him and said
"Noah its okay... look Max & Ruby is on. Sit with me."
So I set him down and Noah stopped crying and watched Eli's show with him.
Cute Brothers...


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Silly Name Tag

Your Rockstar Name: (1st pet, current car) Sammy Cherokee
Your Gangsta Name: (Fav ice cream flavor, Fav shoe) Mocha Converse
Your Native American Name: (Fav Color, Fav Animal) Olive Kitty
Your Soap Opera Name: (Middle Name, City you were born in.) Nichole Paradise
Your Star Wars Name: (1st three letters of last name, 1st two of 1st name) Hudda
Your Superhero Name: (2nd fav color, fav drink) Aqua Dr. Pepper
Your Nascar Name: (Your grandfather's 1st names) David Paul
Your Stripper Name: (Fav Perfume, Fav Candy) Happy Nerds
Your Weather Anchor Name: (5th grade teacher's name,city starting with same letter) Jenkins Juneo
Your Spy Name: (Fav season/holiday, fav flower) Spring Gerba
Your Cartoon Name: (Fav Fruit, Article of clothing you are wearing) Apple Burmuda
Your Hippie Name: (what you ate for breakfast, Fav Tree) Muffin Magnolia

I tag Angelee, Kaylee, Shawna, Kara, and Erica

Monday, May 25, 2009

Naked Baby!

{isn't he just delicious?}

{little bum}

Tony Bologna

Today we were playing in the front yard and Eli walked out of sight and started talking to some strange guy. Being the paranoid mom that I am... I rushed over to claim my child from the dangerous abductor, when I find good ol' Unlce Tony. Tony is a friend of Eric's from eons ago. They played in a band together in highschool when Eric and I first got together. We really love Tony. So the rest of the evening was spent playing in daddy's studio, and playing "bumper cars". This guy just totally gets Eli....

Im still not sure how he got back off....

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

sunshine and hugs

. My Big Day .

So today was the big day... well at least for me. Today was the first day that Eric went back to work, and I was left to be mommy by myself again. I was a little apprehensive about today. It would have been too easy to just stay home, do crafts, and enjoy my boys... but no.
I get to go to the hospital to get Eli's blood drawn for an allergy test. He has awful asthma {dragon breathing machine and all} So we are afraid he may be allergic to the cat. Truth be told things went relatively smooth. Noah slept the entire time and Eli only required 3 people to hold him down to draw his blood. Afterwards he stands up and says... "NO you cant steal my blood! Its mine!" What a goob huh? So I guess things are not as hectic and scary as I assumed they would be. Thank God!!

{ Noah Noodle being cute}

{Brave Eli kissing Noah}


{Buzz Lightyear... cant you tell?}

Saturday, May 16, 2009


I am really starting to appriciate my little blog. Not only do we get to share our lives with loved ones that live far away, but it also serves as a journal or record for your family to look at later in life. So with that being said, here is my record of Noah's birth story...

{Tuesday 8am}
Arrived at Paradise Birth Day Place. Started induction.

{All of Tuesday}
Sat around on our butts, watched multiple movies, ate yummy hospital food, walked endless halls, played cards for hours, and WAITED!

{Tuesday night & Wednesday morning}
Spent a SLEEPLESS night with I.V.s and monitors holding me captive and preventing me from even rolling over in bed. I really hate I.V. lines....

{Wednesday 4 am)
After sleeping for 40 minutes awoke to "real" contractions, proceeding to awake Eric with "real" contractions....

{ 7 am }
Dialated to 3 cm. I am convincing myself to wait until at least 5 cm to ask for medication.

{ 9 am }
Convinced nurses to take all my "attachments" off so I could try to relax in the jet tub.

{ 9:45 am }
Crawled out of the tub and the nurses determine I am now 6 cm. I beg for medication now and the nurse says "Okay lemme go get doctor."

{ 10 am }
By the time doctor gets there he finds me dialated at 9 cm and offically in "crazy lady" mode.
The nurse askes the doctor "Do you still want to give her I.V. pain relief?" I scream "ARE YOU KIDDING ME??!" The doctor laughs at me and tells the nurse to "go ahead." Not that it does any good anyway.

{10:33 am}
Noah Russel Hudson is born... after a nurse jumps on my stomach to "help things along" when his shoulder gets stuck under my pelvis, all "old school" with no pain meds or epidural. Woo Hoo!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Noah Russel Hudson

Whew... Okay people! He finally decided to join the outside world!!!!! {well after much persuadeing via induction.} I am utterly exhausted so I figured I would post pictures and save the whole story for later. :) Here he is!!

{Noah Russel Hudson}

May 13th 2009

8 lbs, 14 oz

20 inches long

All my sweet boys together.

{this was as close as we could get Eli to be}

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Something Fun

So the weather here is so funny. Last week it was freezing and rainy... and now it is 80 degrees and sunshinin'. So Eli started telling me he was "Soooo HOT" and he wanted to go swimming. So i busted out a big tupperware bucket and he had his own personal "pool".

Oh yea and we got duckies. Cute huh?

Friday, May 8, 2009


So yay... no baby yet, BUT I do get to enjoy a wonderful bout of Ocular Migranes! Horray {insert sarcasm here} If you havent had the pleasure let me fill you in.
I have migranes without pain, instead they manifest themselves as temporary blindness and vertigo. Trust me, not as fun as it sounds. I had my first when I was six months pregnant with Eli, while I was DRIVING! Very scary. I had NO idea what was going on and Eric thought I was crazy. So we pulled over, I was hysterical thinking I was never going to see the face of my unborn child.
So after 3 hours, many confused doctors, and a blood test... I came to find out that I am EXTREMELY anemic. The migranes are a way of telling me that Im close to needing a blood transfusion and to down a couple of iron pills PRONTO :)
Today was fun because I hadnt had any problems since Eli was born. Totally unsuspected. It starts out slow and gradually works my vision from the outside in so i am left with a little bubble in which to see my two year old son with.
So I hastily call my dear husband and tell him
"No I am not in labor, but if you dont come home soon I will be too blind to find your son and retrieve him from whatever trouble he decides to occupy his time with."
Needless to say we had a fun day. Lol

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

What I Need....

isn't he so yummy?
{this was actually done by a fan... not a real advertisement. awesome huh?}

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Due Date!

Hmm... well today is my due date and Noah has made no move. I think he is planning on staying till college. Ive been walking blocks everyday, eating spicy foods, chasing my two year old, and even GARDENING! lol... So what are your tricks for labor inducing?

Saturday, May 2, 2009

. Predictions .

So.... I am {unfortunately} still pregnant. I am definitely not one of those women who enjoys being pregnant. I do not glow... So I thought I would distract myself from this eternity of fertility by taking some predictions from my beloved blogging friends!

So here are some ponderings for you....

1. Date of eminent arrival? Due date is May 5th.... Eli was 2 weeks LATE!

2. Size of soon to be bundle? Eli was rather large... 9 pounds 9 oz. I do feel smaller this time....

3. Duration of glorious labor? Eli was a dreaded 40 HOURS long... I'm praying for an Erica-ish labor this time.

4. Hair/Eye colorings? Eli is a blue eyed, blonde bombshell. :)

hmmmm. maybe a prize of sorts for people who come the closest in the end.... :D