Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Rainbow Room?

Im thinking about painting one of Avery's walls this awesome rainbow mural. Doesn't it seem so happy?

Speaking of that cute girl...
Arn't her little cheeks just kissable?

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Mushy Stuff...

Im feeling sappy today. Its not a special day or anything.
Just felt like writing down my affections for my best friend.
And when I get right down to it, thats what he is
my best friend. He is the perfect piece to complete our puzzle.

I love that he gets me coffee when its completely inconvenient to do so,
but he knows it makes my day sooooo much smoother
if I get that extra kick in the morning.
He gets addicted to shows with me. We COULD spend hours
watching shows like "How I Met Your Mother" & "Glee".
We have REALLY retarded inside jokes like talking with a Boston accent.
He does the dishes for me because he knows that theres nothing
I hate more than doing dishes.
He asks me every single day if I will marry him.
Even though we have been happily married for almost 6 years.
Every year for my birthday he takes me on a special trip.
I love our road trips listening to Hanson, Spice Girls, and Backstreet Boys.
Only one of those bands is my doing... LOL.
I love this man.
I love my best friend.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Cold Weather Outings

I do not like winter.
Winter means irritable, rambunctious boys
cooped up in a boring house.
So when the weather breaks,
we bundle up and head out!!

Hurry up spring!!