Tuesday, October 28, 2008

blow pops

Lately i have had IMMENSE cravings for these. Problem is that they are tearing my mouth raw. oh well...

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Wheres Waldo?

The other day Eric and I were sitting in the living room watching Tv, when the playroom behind us became suspiciously quiet. I called for Eli to come into the living room and he stomps in looks at us and with a finger to his lips says "SHHH i hidin fom you!" We were like "Okay thats pretty random Eli, show us your hiding spot?"

{Heres what we found, he honestly thinks we cant see him under the couch cushion}
{Yes Eli your completly invisible when you do that. Lol}

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Tagged by Angelee!

Answer all the following two-word leads.

I am: a wife and soon to be mother of TWO!

I think: that im having a girl... This pregnancy has been so much harder

I know: Eric wants a boy... lol

I have: a craving for green olive right now.

I fear: that some of my brothers wont ever figure out what they are doing in life.

I feel: WORN OUT! but in a good way

I smell: every one elses BREATH! pregnancy thing i guess...

I crave: Green olives, Orange Sherbert Icecream, Red Lobster, & Ceasaer Salad (not together!!)

I cry: when i cant eat because im afaid of throwing it up.

I usually: make all of Eli's meals

I search: Myspace for friends i havent seen in years.

I wonder: what kind of person my son will grow up to be

I regret: letting Eli keep some of his toys in the living room, somehow they have ALL migrated there... GRRR.

I love: When Eric is suprisingly romantic. :)

I care: about world peace... lol

I worry: about my childeren growing up in California.

I am not: a dishwasher... Eric relized this early on and does the dishes for me. LOVE HIM

I remember: the day my little brother came home from the hospital and i got mad because my parents let him snuggle with MY Dumbo.

I believe: marriage and family should be protected, and other peoples views not pushed onto my childeren in school.

I dance: HORRIBLY... but its okay cause so does Eric.

I sing: all the time, even though i know i suck. :)

I don't always: come to a complete stop at stop signs. oops.

I argue: with closed minded people because its funny to get them so worked up when i dont even care.

I write: down all the funny things Eli says and does in his baby book. Even though the pages ended at 12 months, Ive added more.

I win: always, and Eric lets me.

I wish: Eric and i were done with school so we had the money to buy a house in Idaho!

I listen: to Eli say "Follow me!" "Im firsty!" "I hab it!" "Why?!?" and of corse "NOOO!!!"

I can usually be found: at home on my laptop or playing with my son

I am scared: of things under my bed and im 23 years old!!

I need: to clean my toddler raviged home...

I forget: how it is to have a newborn, i need a refresher coarse.

I am happy: when Eli is content and safe.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Six True or False....

So here are six facts about me, five of them are
real, one of them is made up. Lets see who can guess which one is the IMPOSTER...

1. I LOVE green olives.

2. I want to move out of California.

3. Eli was born a week early.

4. I used to Barrel Race (Equestrian)

5. I had a twin sister named Cassandra.

6. I met Eric in the third grade.

So lets see who knows me the best... :)

Sunday, October 12, 2008

4th Picture Tag

So heres my 4th picture from my 4th picture album

Eli at Applebee's on Eric's birthday when we asked him to put away his "Binki" He was toying with us and not putting it away but putting it in and taking it out of his mouth.
this is his "What binki??" look...

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Just Being Cute...

{my cutie in his new hat}