Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Finding Family

So as some of you know, my husband Eric and his two brothers are adopted. They were adopted by the most loving, self-less, kindhearted individual i have ever met. If you've ever met Laura you know what im talking about. Eric has never really been interested in finding his biological family and we never even remember hes adopted to tell you the truth. I think that becoming a father has made him curious to find out where he comes from and what kind of people his parents turned out to be. The boys did not have a very pleasant childhood and thankfully they were young enough to have very few memories of their traumas. I think the main reason Eric wanted to find them was to tell them that he turned out to be a good guy and to thank them for letting him have the childhood that every child deserves.

Okay back to my point... So about a year ago Eric asked me to go ahead and see if i could find his Biological mother. Laura was great with keeping all of their records and documents well preserved because she always wanted them to know about their pasts. She never kept anything from them. It took me 3 months to find her and when we did she was not very different than she was when she lost the boys. It was like opening a can of worms. Shes one of those people that takes a mile if you give her an inch. After meeting her she calls me the next day to ask if she could have Eli for the night!!!!!!! Mind that she lost ALL 5 OF HER CHILDERN!!! yea, that was a little scary and Eric decided he had had enough of her. We parted on good terms and she left knowing that her kids had grown into resposible adults.

After that incident Eric lost interest for a while until i found some links to his father. Its kinda funny but i found his dad though Myspace.... lol. Eric had cousins that were about the same age and i thought maybe i should look on myspace. Low and behold there they were. We had all but given up and decided he was either in prison or dead, judging by his past behaivior. But after talking to his brother and sister in law, they told us that after loosing the boys and one last stint in prison he had sobered up and started to "act his age". They said he considered looking for the boys but didnt want to take them away from the home and family they had grown to love and know as their own. They gave us his phone number and Eric called him right away. They talked and decided to meet TODAY! His dad lives in Oregon and so they are meeting in Ukiah were their family is getting together for Thanksgiving. The whole family decided to come a day eary just to meet the boys. Laura and I are excited to hear how things are going and glad that he found what he was looking for.

Sorry for being such a long post but i felt i should document this and celebrate a Thankful Thanksgiving.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

News from Doc.

So it turns out i have a Fibroidanoma (sp?), a non cancerous benign tumor that usually presents in young women with hormone imballances aka pregnancy. Its such a relief to find out. I dont know if i will be getting it removed before or after baby, I have an appointment on the 1st to discuss my options. Thank you to everyone who kept me in their prayers and thoughts. I really appreciate it and its nice to know I have friends that care.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Happy 2nd Birthday Bug!

Eli's birthday is today! I really cant believe he has grown so much. I started getting old pictures together and about started crying. Its amazing to me how much hes changed over 2 years. We had a party for him on Saturday and it was a blast. He had his own cake and did a very good job demolishing it. I have video but im still tring to successfully upload one of them... its driving me crazy. Keep an eye out for them though.
Heres some of the pictures i put thogether of my little goober over the past 2 years.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Something Lighter...

Just the light of my life.


Last night we elected the nation's second president of mixed background. Yes you read that correct, the SECOND. A fact the Obama campaign would like to ignore is that Grover Cleavland had a grandfather who was descended from a slave. That means that he had African blood as well, and was mixed just like Obama. And NO, Barack Obama is not black, he's mixed. His heritage is 50% WHITE and 50% black.

Last night America voted for a man who supports partial birth abortion. For those of you who don't know what that is, it's an abortion where the baby is so developed that the doctors have to CUT A HOLE in the head of the baby, and vacuum out its brain to kill it, before taking the baby out. Barack Obama supports that. He also supports more birth control methods to be accessible to people who are underage without parental consent. He doesn't believe that parents should be able to know what is going on in this children's medical lives if abortion/birth control/ sex is involved.

Last night America elected a man who sat in the pews in front of a reverend who for years spewed out hate speech against whites and against America. He tried to distance himself from this man during the elections, but it doesn't change that this man who spewed hate from his mouth was Obama's "mentor" (his own words) for years. It was only when under national scrutiny that he started to distance himself from Reverend Wright.

Last night America elected a man who has said that he'll meet openly with Terrorists, without any regulations, any rules, any promises of peace or openness on their part. He'll meet with men who attack and disparage America's Allies. He'll meet with people who ignore the UN's orders to stop development of Nuclear weapons at a time when America is constantly under threat from terrorists. The man has not promised protection, he's promised to work with terrorists. How he feels that this will benefit the USA, I'm unsure.

Last night America elected a man who believes in higher taxes for the rich, and for GIVING EXTRA MONEY to the poor. Please do not confuse this. He does NOT believe in lowering taxes for the middle class, he believes in giving them money they didn't earn in the first place. And the funding will not come from the government, it will come from people in America who already pay 50+% of their income to taxes. That's right, the people who he plans to take from are people who only get HALF OF THEIR INCOME now, and he's planning to give it to people who currently KEEP ALL OF THEIR INCOME. Now, rather than calling this WELFARE, he's calling it tax relief.

That's what we've elected, a man named Robin Hood, who plans to steal from the rich and give to the poor that which doesn't belong to him.

Americans had the opportunity to elect a true American Hero. A man who lived in a cell and was tortured for years as a result of his service to America. A man who returned and worked in our government for many years, supporting his nation every way he could.

Instead they elected a man who's spent more of his political career serving his own desires of becoming president than serving the people who elected him. A man who missed HUNDREDS of senate votes so that he could preach about redistribution of the wealth to the poor, and of "change".

I cry for my fellow Americans tonight. I truly don't believe you know what you've gotten us into.

Yesterday, John McCain didn't lose. America lost.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Biopsy Update

So due to lack of comunication between doctors and staff, my biopsy has been postponed to the 17th. Im a little upset, here I am pregnant, with a family to take care of and this huge burden (not to be humerous) on my chest. I really dont want to wait all this extra time. Well enough of my tangent. I just need friends to lean on and my goober to make me laugh and my husband to hold and comfort me.
Is there really anything else you could ask for?

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

not so awesome news...

So latley Ive been complaining about being sick, having a head cold and then i got a toothache. So a couple of days ago i asked what else could possibley go wrong... bad thing to ask.

At a routine OBGYN appt. my doctor found a "suspicious lump" in my right breast. He automatically said "Oh its just a clogged or infected milk duct. I'll send you in for an ultrasound."

Come Monday and I have my ultrasound only to find out that i have a golfball sized TUMOR. Doctors wernt able to say what kind of tumor or if it was benign or malignant. My mind automatically jumps to cancer because my family has such an awful history of breast cancer. Hopefully just something small I can deal with later. *Crossing my fingers* I have a biopsy on Friday to find out more information. Keep me in your thoughts.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Paging Dr. Eli

We had a very fun Halloween.
Eli's "girlfriend" Anna came over.
Eli was a doctor
Anna was a pirate
Every house the walked to, they held hands!

He spent most of the night chewing on his surgical mask.

This was one of the "House" pumpkins we made.

All in all it was awesome because hes right at the age were he relizes when things are happening, like that his birthday is coming and he gets a party. Its really cute, I cant wait till Christmas!